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How to Disconnect Your Social Media From Library

Honored Contributor

The places where I share my images the most are on either Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes I share on Instagram and it automatically shares to Facebook. If you’re anything like me, you might delete those images from your mobile after uploading.  We showed you how to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Library in Constant Contact. But what if you need to disconnect them? Perhaps you are selling your business and with that you give the new owners your Constant Contact account. Or maybe you want to connect another Facebook or Instagram account? Whatever the reason, read on and I will show you how simple it is to remove those connections.


  • Log into your Constant Contact account
  • Head over to the Library
  • Click on the gold button Upload to Library
  • Choose Social Networks
  • In the overlay, on the left you will see a dropdown menu – Click that
  • Choose to Disconnect Facebook or Disconnect Instagram

    discount social networks library.png

  • The page will refresh and the account you removed will no longer be within your account to choose the pictures to upload to your library
  • Close the overlay by clicking the X on the top right


And that is just how easy it is to disconnect your Social Networks from your Library.


If you have any questions, let us know!