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How to Drag & Drop Images Into My Library

Honored Contributor

The old-school way of uploading images into your Constant Contact are gone. Ok, they’re not really gone, they’re still there. But we have a new way to upload images: Drag & Drop. It’s really easy too.


All you have to do is follow the steps below for a quick way to get those images right into your account.


One File Upload

  • Log into your Constant Contact Account
  • Click on the Library icon on the left
  • Click the upload.pnggold button and choose My Computer
  • You will then see this screen:


  • Now, go to your desktop or to your folder on your computer where your image lives currently.
  • Click on the image and hold down the button on your mouse
  • While holding the button down, move your mouse over onto the Drag & Drop Screen within your Library (shown above).
    You will now see this:


  • When this screen appears, simply let go of your mouse
  • You can keep following the above steps to upload more files
  • Once all the files are on the screen, click to Add a Description for each file
  • Then click the blue Upload Files button on the bottom right.

Multiple File Drag & Drop Upload

  • Follow all the steps above until you see the Drag & Drop Main Screen.
  • When on this screen, go to your computer to find the multiple files you wish to upload
  • Hold your CTRL key down (Command +Click on a MAC) to select each file
  • Then still holding those keys on your keyboard, drag those files right over until you see the dotted screen and let it go!
  • Add descriptions to each file
  • Hit the blue Upload Files button to upload them into your Library


And that’s it! Super easy new way to upload your images from your computer right into your Constant Contact Library!


Any questions, let us know!


If your Library area looks different, check out our post in the Standalone Products Board.