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How-to Edit Your Footer

Honored Contributor

Did you know that you can edit certain aspects of your footer with us?  There are some items that can be edited by you, others by Constant Contact Support Reps. If you are interested in more of a Custom Footer, our Custom Services Team can help you with that!


But, let’s get started with what you can edit on your own.


To get to your Footer Options, you want to click on My Account > My Settings up in the top right of your account.  


My Settings Toolkit.jpg


Scroll down the page and find Footer Options and click on Edit Footer Info


Toolkit Footer Options.jpg


You can turn on/off the following: 


  • Update Profile/Email Address link
  • A comment box on Unsubscribe to see why people are unsubscribing

Toolkit Edit Footer.jpg

If you are in a campaign, you can click on the Footer Options block and that will give you an overlay of some items that can be edited.


  • Forward to a Friend/Subscribe Me links - text is editable or you can choose to not include
  • Your Physical Address

Now, what can we change for you?


For free of charge, we can remove the Constant Contact Logo and the SafeUnsubscribe Image for you.  But if you’re looking to more customize your footer, our Custom Services Team can do that for you for a fee of $100. 


What can Custom Services do to my Footer:


  • Add your own Privacy Policy (pending approval)
  • Customize the text, font, colors, layout
  • Change the text of the SafeUnsubscribe link to wording of your choice
  • Add your own Company Logo

Items that are not removable within your footer:


  • Your physical address
  • Privacy Policy 
  • SafeUnsubscribe Link

So get customizing that Footer to best meet your organization’s needs. If you’d like to have a Custom Footer made, let us know and we’ll have someone get in contact with you!



New Member

Constant Contact is a joke. They won't even let you change the color of your footer without charging you $99 for "custom design services". Ridiculous. Move if you need a beginner email marketing service. 


Hello @MarthaH50033. I can understand how you would like the ability to edit your footer layout. In order to keep in compliance with federal laws, only Constant Contact can make further edits to your footer, including updating the colors, layout and text. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but please let us know if there is anything else what we could assist you with.