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How to Insert Blog Content


UPDATED May 2019:

The information below is out of date and only available in our older Second Generation Editor Legacy Newsletters. For our current Third Generation Newsletter Emails we suggest using a Read More action block instead.




Did you know you can inset up to 15 of your most recent blog posts into your Constant Contact emails? This helps drive people to your blog without copying and pasting all the content manually. Using Constant Contact’s insert tool you will be given the option to insert just the post title, the post title with a summary or the entire post if your RSS feed includes it.  Each layout includes a link back to your blog so the contact can “Read more”!


You can insert blog content into any template you would like. You are welcome to start with a new design or use an email you’ve already been working on!


blog.pngHere is how to insert blog content into your email.


1. Click in to edit the block you would like to insert the content into.

2. Place your cursor where you would like the content to start.

3. Click the Insert menu on the left and choose “Blog Content”

4. Enter the URL for your Blog/RSS feed

5. Click Retrieve

6. Place a checkmark to the posts you want to insert

7. In the “How much content do you want to display” section, choose the layout that works for you.

                Summary:  Shows title and the first 70 words of your post.

                Full Post:  Shows the entire blog post

                Single Line: Shows clickable title only

Please note: You will have the option to clear the contents of the block before inserting if you want to get rid of what is already there.

8. Click Insert


If you need to change the font color and styles use the editing options on the block and click save when you are done!


Please note:  The blog inserted blog content does not automatically update to your latest post. When copying or re-sending an email, you can repeat this process to insert your latest blog content.



How do you use blog content in your emails? Let us know in the comments below!



Does your account look a little different than this? Check out this post in the StandAlone Product forum!


Hi I'm Hannah! I started at Constant Contact in April 2011 as a Customer Support Rep answering calls, chats and emails. I moved to the Social Media team full time in October 2012. I also work with the @ctcthelp twitter handle, follow me there!

All Star

I wish there were a way to style a blog content block in the "Blocks" area, so that I do not have to style the RSS links after I plug them in. Right now they come in at 18pt and the default blue color, with underlining. I would also like to drop the author and date info from what I pull in.


Great feedback, thanks for posting! Do you copy your template to reuse it? If so, copying the block and just adding the new blog content might be a way to save you some time. 


Hi, can we directly pull the latest blog posts and send a newsletter to our clients? 


Hi @KarlK0 that's a great question! The good news is you can pull a short preview of your content into your newsletter. Have you tried using a Read More action block? These blocks are how you can do this in your newsletter email.