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How to Insert Images into your Email

CTCT Employee

images1.pngNow that you have the content of your email together, adding images is a great way to boost that content.  There are a few ways to add images to your account:


Choose to Insert an Image to view your library.  From this window you can select the image.  You will have 2 options when choosing an image, Customize or Insert.  If you want to resize, add a caption, or add a description you will want to choose Customize.  From this screen you can resize with the sliding scale at the bottom or by the dimensions (in pixels) to the right.  You can also make your image a clickable link, which is a best practice as it can help increase the reporting from your campaign, and help you direct your audience to a specific URL.  Once you are done with Customizing you can click to Insert the image. 


  • Using Images from Online
    If there is an image online that you want to use (for example on your website) you can get the image url to put the image into your email. Once you have the image url you will click to Insert an image like above, then go to the Image URL tab.  Once you paste in the url you can hit preview to view the image and customize if needed by resizing or adding a link to the image.  Please note, when using Images from online that you should be using images that you have rights to use, images found online outside of your website might be copyrighted or restricted for use.  We recommend checking to make sure you have permission to use an image that you do not own rights to. 
  • Click & Drag.
    You can click and drag images into your email through the Images tab on the left.

I hope this post has helped to go over the basics of inserting images into your email.  Do you have any questions?  Have you tried inserting images and have tips for anyone?  Feel free to share. 



Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.


I would like to create a holiday card that is only a jpeg of my company christmas card.  I dont see a template that accommodates this.  I would like to include a link to the photo that directs to my company website.


Thanks for your input.

Honored Contributor

Just use a very basic template or even the one you are using, delete all your blocks except for one, gut it and use the image only.


Tony Schaefer
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Great answer Tony!  One thing I would recommend is that you do keep at least 1 block with some text in it. Sending out only 1 image is a tactic that many spammers will use and that could get your emal filtered directly into a Spam/Junk inbox!


Hope that helps!

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Hi Melissa, 


Thanks so much for this recommendation!!  I see so many people which tend to forgot about adding (1) block for a quick greeting. I see this over and over. 


Happy Holidays!!


Cheryl Henchar

Cheryl's Creative Services 

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When I add an image, it defaults to the top-left corner, but I want to insert it elsewhere in my document and then include a hyperlink. 


Hi @KristinS932 


I'm sorry to hear you were not able to add your image as easily as you should! Our text blocks are designed to automatically wrap if an image is clicked and dragged into it. In these cases images can only be added into the right or left top corner. Where are you trying to add an image? I can see in your august campaign you were able to add images to the side and below text blocks. Are you still in need of help with adding your images?