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How to Manage the Blocks in your Campaign

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Have you started editing your campaigns and realized that you need to move, edit, copy, delete or resize a block? 


To move the block within an email you will want to hover your mouse over the block.  In the top right corner look for the tools list, you will choose the first tool, it looks like a 4 directional arrow.  If you click and hold this tool it will allow you to drag this block to a different section of your email. If you are in a Multi-Column template you can drag block around to different columns.  Keep in mind though that if you are dragging a block from the bigger section of your email to the smaller one, you might need to size down images and text so that it works better in the smaller section.




To edit the block and change your content, you will click the second icon, it looks like a pencil.  You can also click anywhere inside of the block to start editing. 




To make a copy of a block you can click the 3rd icon, it looks like 2 rectangles on top of each other.  After clicking this icon it will add the duplicate block directly below the original.  You can then edit to change the content or you can move the block to another section of the campaign. 




To delete a block you will click on the “x” tool.  You will then get a pop-up asking you if you really want to delete a block.  If you hit OK in this window it will delete the block for you.  Not seeing the pop-up? Check your settings here.




The blocks within your email are designed to stretch lengthwise, so that they can accommodate the content added to the block.  If you want to make your block smaller, try taking out some extra space in the block, or sizing your text/images down; if you want to make your block larger try adding space or increasing the size of your text/images. 



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I am trying to remove extra space at the bottom of my email. The weird thing is that the extra space is showing only when I preview the email in my Outlook, not when I am actually in Constant Contact. I tried viewing and deleting space in HTML and in the Design Style section but neither seem to be working.


Please let me know if you can help.




Hello @milemarker. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I looked into your account and saw that you had a few different drafts in there so I'm not sure which one you were experiencing the extra spacing with. What was the name of the campaign where this was happening and also what version of Outlook are you using? If you did not wish to share this information publically, you can email it to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com.