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How to Remove Contacts from a List

Honored Contributor

Want to remove your contacts from a list?  We have a couple of ways to do it:  


  • If you want to remove one contact from a list (or multiple lists) you can manage their individual details.  When viewing their details, below their email address you will see each list the email address is on within a blue bubble.  In the bubble click the "X" to remove the contact from that list.  This is what it will look like: 
  • Want to remove more than just one contact?  You can select the contacts by clicking in the box to the left of each contact.  (If you want to select all contacts you can click in the box to the left of Name.) Then click the Manage Lists button.  In this field you will see the key at the bottom showing what the different marks mean.  If the box to the left of a list name is blank, none of the selected contacts are in that list.  If the box has a horizontal line through it, some, but not all, of the contacts are within that list.  If there is a check mark then all of the selected contacts are in that list.  To remove contacts you will want to clear out any mark next to the list name (dashes or checks).  These screenshots may help:


    remove 2.png

And that's how you can remove your contacts from a list!  Any questions, feel free to post a reply here!  We are always happy to help.  


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This is out of date, and needs a refresh. How is this done now? 


Hi @CristaR8! Thanks for letting us know. We will certainly update this post for our customers. The text for the button has changed and you will now select Manage Lists after you select the contact(s) you wish to remove from a list.




Let us know if you have any further questions!