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How to Remove Contacts


If you’ve been managing your contacts recently you may have noticed that the “Removed” option no longer exists but the same function does.


Before these updates you were able to remove a contact and have them deleted from the account. We heard your feedback that the term “Removed” was a bit confusing so we’ve simplified it to “Delete”.


Let me clarify:

When you delete a contact their entire contact profile is deleted from the account. You will see no trace of them but you will be able to add them back if you wish.


The alternative is to unsubscribe the contact. In this case, the contact profile would exist in the Unsubscribe list but you would not be able to add the contact back. If the contact wanted to resubscribe they would need to take action on their end.


A third situation is available if you choose to “Remove Emails” from the bounce page. In this case, the email address will be unsubscribed but the contact will exist in your account with no email associated.



You are free to manage your account as you see fit, even mix and match these options for different contacts!


How do you manage your account now? Share in the comments below!



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