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How to Send a Test Version of a Campaign Email

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UPDATED: July 2018


You’ve created your email and you like how it looks in Constant Contact but you really want to see what it will look like when your contacts view it in their Email Inbox.  What you want to do is to send a test email to yourself to your email inbox (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc). Create accounts with the free email clients so you can test them.


There are some limitations to consider:


  • You have unlimited sending of test emails to the verified email addresses on your account
  • You can send up to 50 test emails to non-verified email addresses within a 24 hour period
    • If you start sending test emails at 9am and send the 50th email by 10am, you have to wait 24 hours to send more tests. The 24 hours will be up at the time you last sent your test emails.

Now, let’s get to showing you how to actually Send a Test!


1. First you want to click on the “Preview” button on your top edit toolbar


previewbutton.png2. This will then give you an overlay to see the preview of your email and on the left pane, you want to enter up to 5 email addresses in the email address box. (These need to be separated by a comma & a space)


3.  Once you have done that, you can enter a personal note that will appear at the top of the message in the inbox

4.  Then click the "Send Now" button

5.  You will see this green message appear for only a moment before it vanishes:





And you're all set!


For step-by-step instructions, check out this FAQ!


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I have developed a template for an email and would like to send it to my boss for review before she decides to subscriber the company, can you give me permission to send it to: ***EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED BY MODERATOR***???

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Not sure why someone would remove the email address and not answer your question.  (weird)


You should be able to use the "preview function" for that.OR create a one person list and send the piece to that list.


Hi Galleryo,


Thanks for posting. We did edit your post to remove your personal information since this isn't a private Community. It sounds like the preview tool will work for you to send a copy of the email to your boss. To use this tool click the preview button at the top of the draft mode of your email.. If you are on the main campaigns page, "Preview" is an option from the drop down menu too. Once open, type in the address you want to send to on the left and add any personal note you want to include. When you are ready click "Send a Test" to send. This won't make any changes to your draft email.


9-29-2014 7-50-45 AM.jpg

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Not sure how to send a test email to myself. I want to learn how to send one email (my draft) before I upload 2,000 contacts list.
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Hi @MichaelB7584


Great question!  I understand how important it  is to send yourself a test email before you send it to your contacts. To send a preview test to yourself you want to go ahead and click on the name of the campaign.NameofCampaign.png

Once you have clicked on the name of the campaign to the right hand corner next to the name of the campaign you well see the gold save button, to the left hand side you want to click on the preview button



Once you do that, to the left hand side you can click on send a test



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yep got it thanks!


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I'm trying to send a test event email. Is there a way to do this or do I just have to make the event "live" and allow my boss to look at it that way?



Hi @PattyO31


That's a great question! You are correct, you have to make your event live in order to send a test of your email invitation. The good news is although your event will be live none of your contacts will see the event registration until you send an invitation or share the event URL.