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How to Upload Images Directly From Facebook

CTCT Employee


One cool feature that is often overlooked is the ability to directly utilize any and all of your images on Facebook within your Constant Contact campaigns. A similar process to uploading your own files into the Library, you can click on the yellow “Upload To Library” button towards the top right hand corner of the page!


Library 1.JPG



This button will drop down when clicked, leaving you three options:


  1. First select the middle one reading “Social Networks”
  2. Then select the Facebook Icon on the right.


Library 2.JPG



Now we need to link our Facebook Account with Constant Contact. In the bottom right hand corner, you will want to select Okay. Make sure to click OK twice so we have permission to access your images. As soon as this is done, the two accounts are linked! Now onto uploading our images!



 Library 3.JPG



Once the account is linked, you will see a drop down menu on the left hand side of your page. This is going to give you the ability to filter which areas of your Facebook Photos  you want to pull from. Whether it be your profile pictures, cover photos, mobile uploads, maybe a custom album you created within Facebook, and more!  As soon as you select an area from the drop down, all images within that folder will appear on the right hand side of the screen, allowing you the ability to choose and or all at a time to upload.




Library 4.JPG



As soon as you select any one image or multiple, the left hand side will then turn to a destination and description section. You will also be able to notice which images have been select on the right hand side by whether or not they are outlined with a lighter blue color.



Library 5.JPG



Once this is done, just like any other upload, you will go to the bottom right hand corner and click the “Upload Selected Files” button to complete the process!



Library 6.JPG



Finding the right visual content isn’t always easy! Any outlet for content is helpful, and what better place than that of Facebook! Your own content is everywhere, why not be able to use it? Now you can!


Have you tried this feature before?  Is it something you find beneficial? What is this feature is most useful to you?


Ian Wheeler

Community & Social Media Support Intern


My name is Ian Wheeler! I've been with Constant Contact for a little over a year now and have had a great experience here! I will be interning with the Social Support Team and look forward to growing and learning with them!