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How to Use MeetingBurner for your Event!

Honored Contributor

Not all events are held face to face. Some are held online. But how do you set up an online Event? With Constant Contact you can use MeetingBurner. By using our integration with MeetingBurner, your registrants will only have to register once for your event and we’ll walk you through creating an account while creating your event. Check out how easy it is below!


  • Choose  Toolkit - Plan an Event.png or click on your current Draft or Published Event to edit the details (If you’re editing, click on Edit Event > Basics in the Gold drop down on the right. Then click the Blue Edit icon to the right when on the Basics dashboard page)
  • Scroll to Where is your event? And choose the bubble for Online
  • Click the image MeetingBurner.png to either log in or to sign up
  • You can sign up for the package that best suits your needs. There is a free option available.
    MeetingBurner pricing.png
    *Pricing accurate at time of posting

  • Follow the steps to create your online account & agree to their terms of service agreement
  • Then click Complete Account Setup
  • This will give you an overlay to set up your meeting

    MeetingBurner Get Started.png

  • From here you have 5 steps to go through to set up:
    Your Meeting Information
    Audio Options - They give you a conference line with a dialin number, moderator pin, & attendee pin (You can also choose to select a different conference line if you have your own)
    Step 3 gives you 2 options - to continue configuration or to go back to Constant Contact
    Continue Configuration allows you to complete your profile with MeetingBurner
    Then you're done and back to Constant Contact
  • Finish up the rest of your Event and you're good to go!

*Please note that if you change to enter your own conference number and save without having that information, you will need to login at MeetingBurner and get your Conference information to manually add to the Additional Information section under Event Basics within your Constant Contact Event.


That’s it! Any questions let us know!


Does your account look different? Check out our instructions in the Standalone Products Forum!