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How to Use Spell Check!


You might have noticed that Constant Contact no longer has a spell check button on the toolbar when you are editing your content. We know most browsers have a spell check built in at this time so you will still be able to check the spelling in your email before sending out your emails!


Look for squiggly red lines under misspelled words and any grammatical errors underlined in blue. All you need to do is right-click the
word and select a spelling suggestion from the menu.


Look for squiggly red lines under misspelled words. Just right-click on the word & select a spelling suggestion from the menu to resolve.


You will see dashed red lines under misspelled words and a dashed green line under any grammatical errors. Place your cursor next to the misspelling and click the correct option from the menu.


Internet Explorer

Right-click anywhere in the block and select “Check Spelling”. Click Yes to check the spelling in the entire document and if needed, click the correct spelling from the list.


Once you are done checking the block make sure you click Save in case you make any updates!


Hi I'm Hannah! I started at Constant Contact in April 2011 as a Customer Support Rep answering calls, chats and emails. I moved to the Social Media team full time in October 2012. I also work with the @ctcthelp twitter handle, follow me there!


I cannot find spell check through any of the methods described above. I see no red squiggly lines, right clicking doesn't pull up a spell check box so why doesn't constant contact just bring back the spell check button. I have purposely misspelled words and cannot correct them in any of the above stated ways.

CTCT Employee

Hello @JolieAynY,


Thank you for your feedback!


We do not have a spell check because the spell check in your browser should be sufficient. Some have had success in uninstalling and reinstalling their browser. A quick online search should give more advanced guidance in re-enabling the spell check function in your browser. 


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.