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How to Whitelist for Images


white_list.jpgHave you ever noticed that your images aren't showing in your emails when you view in Constant Contact or  send tests to yourself? If you have ruled out your email client settings, improper URL’s or deleted images; it may be caused by a firewall or spam filter. This is easy to resolve though; all you need to do is whitelist Constant Contact in your system. Depending on your situation this may involve your IT department. Remember to check your firewall, intrusion prevention systems, security systems and spam filters.



You will want to whitelist the following URLs:


Or the following IPs:

  • 75.120.0/22 which is the same as 208.75.120.*, 208.75.121.*, 208.75.122.*, and 208.75.123.*


Since every program is a little different you will need to look up how to complete this in your program. Once completed, restart your computer and try your actions again. If you are still not able to see your images please contact support for further help.


Reminder: This is to whitelist for images only. If you are looking to whitelist to help email delivery please check out this FAQ. 


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