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How to add custom text or questions to your Event

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Did you know that you can customize your Event even further with the Custom Question and Text Block? This makes it more personal for you to collect more information than the standard first and last name, and email address.  Your registration form has the ability to add Custom Question and Text Blocks to all areas of the form; Personal Information, Business Information, Badge Information, and Custom Information 1 and 2. Remember you always have to collect First Name, Last Name, and Email Address by default. But let’s get right to it and show you how easy it is to collect this information!


If your Event is in draft status, you would want to just edit the Form Fields for the Registration form. If your Event is live and open, you will need to close Registration in order to edit this area. You can either toggle the registration open.png to registration closed.png or if you click to Edit Fields, you will receive an overlay asking you to close registration. Don’t worry, you can re-open once your editing is complete and saved.


So let’s click on Edit Event > Registration


Edit Event Registration.png


Then click Edit Fields


Edit Registration Fields.png


Look for where it says Create custom: Question | Text Block and click on the link for the one you wish to create


custom question text block.png


For question, you will receive this overlay with 3 options:


Multiple Choice


Select a date



Custom Question overlay.png


If you choose Text Block, you are given an overlay with a 1024 character limit of what you want to display in this text block.


Once you enter the information you wish to be displayed, the system checks the box to make the option visible. For the Question, you can choose to make it required or not. This option is not possible with a Text Block.


Don’t forget to hit Save and Finish when done and to turn back on your Registration!


That’s it! Any questions let us know!



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i want to add additional 3 more custom questions, can you please let me know how to do that?


Thanks - Belle 

CTCT Employee

Hi @hctraining,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. You can add more questions by clicking on Edit Fields in the Registration editing page and then clicking on the two sections to the left called Custom Information. After, click on the option that says Question. These two sections contain 20 questions in total. Therefore, you should be able add 3 additional custom questions. For more information on this, please click here. I hope this information helps. Let us know if you need assistance with anything else.

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There have been multiple threads of people asking for more custom fields than Constant Contact allows.  Is this every going to be addressed...Yes there are the custom information sections and you can sort of hack adding a "guest" and get more fields, but why now allow users to add unlimited fields or at least more than 20...or even just edit the pre-existing fields?  Users have been asking for this for at least 4 years.  It exists in google and microsoft.  Why not in constant contact?


Hi @AngieM4


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this feature request. I can definitely understand how helpful it would be to have an unlimited amount of fields on your registration form. In fact, I have submitted this information to the appropriate teams. I also would like to apologize; at this point we are only fixing critical bugs for our current event campaign feature. We are however currently encouraging customers to try out our Eventbrite integration. A partnership with Eventbrite has been created so that our customers can use the leading event management tool for small businesses, in conjunction with Constant Contact. This integration can easily add an event to an email through an Eventbrite action block.

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Why would we pay for another event service when there is one included in the constant contact app we already pay for?  In that case we would just go back to using our Microsoft or free google forms.

So in other words Constant Contact doesn't prioritize its event registration feature.  Got it. Thats fine, you guys have priorities. We'll be looking at moving on to another company that does.