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How to create an un-open report for a time frame

CTCT Employee

UPDATED March 27th, 2019



Customers that are actively engaging in your campaigns are great to have. While we wish that all of our contacts opened our campaigns, the reality is that this probably won’t happen for most users and that’s okay! You can view the Did Not Open report for each campaign you send out, but it’s a good idea to keep tabs on who is not consistently opening your emails. Knowing who did not open your email for the last 3 months or 6 months can help you tweak your marketing campaign or even design a re-engagement campaign.


Before you start creating your list of unopened emails, it is good to understand how we track an email as opened. We track opens in two ways. The first way is an invisible embedded image in each email. When the image is downloaded we can count the email as opened. The second way would be if someone clicks on a link in the email.  


Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how to create a Did Not Open list for a period of time using segmentation.


Now that you have your list, you have a few decisions to make. Maybe you want to attempt to re-engage with these contacts. If you have Email Plus, try a survey or include a poll in an email to send out to this list and collect feedback about what they want to hear from you. If you use promotions or discounts to drive business, create a special offer geared towards these contacts using a trackable coupon. To help keep your list clean, you can also decide to delete or unsubscribe these contacts.



Hello, My name is Anna and I have been with Constant Contact since October 2011. I love working with small business owners! I love writing little tips and tricks about how to use our products to engage with your customers. Outside of work I love hiking and exploring what Colorado has to offer.


Hi Anna,

Constant contact needs to make an easier way to track non opened campaigns over a period of time.  A specific report to do this would be ideal and makes it much easier for the customer (me).  Otherwise a video showing below and how to do this would be another better solution.  I got lost after the 2nd line of instruction.  Hoping you can help.

Libby Soderholm (nee jamieson)

CTCT Employee

Hello @GrangeandMandurahPhysiotherapy


Thank you for the great feedback. I know that this is a request that our engineers are looking to improve for our customers. I will definitely relay your feedback to that department. Hopefully we can have an update in the near future.


Also, I have included some screenshots of the steps listed above to help make the process much easier. I hope this is helpful to you! Please let us know if you have any further questions.


  1. Click Contacts.

    Click contacts
  2. Click on Active on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Click the check box at the top next to the heading Name to select them all.
  4. Click Manage Lists > Add to Lists.

    Add to list
  5. Create a new list and name it Did Not Open
  6. Click Add.

Once the list is created: 


  1. Go to the Reports Page
  2. For each email in the time period (the last 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year) go to the open report.
  3. Select all the contacts that have opened the email
  4. Click on Manage Lists and select Remove From Lists
  5. Select the Did Not Open List and click on Remove (All Opens with be removed from the Did Not Open List)

  6. Repeat for each email in the time period

Hi, thanks for your response.  We send out 2 newsletters every month so if we want to do this it is a huge amount of work to remove all those emails that have not been opened.  There should be a special report that highlights specificially those emails that don't open campaigns between a specific period or for a particular campaign/s.  This would make it much easier for the user, and really your current solution looks like a lot of fiddling and your report section should incorporate this, like other businesses of this type do.

CTCT Employee

Hello @GrangeandMandurahPhysiotherapy


Your feedback is very important to us! This is something that we are looking to improve and I will be sure to relay your suggestions to our engineers. Our current process requires more time to complete and I can see how having this feature can help in that aspect. 

Frequent Visitor

I have eight autoresponders.  Each autoresponder has five emails.  Is there any easier way of getting weekly reports to see the opens, clicks, etc.?  Any kind of dashboard that would provide up-to-date information?







Hello @NicC,


Thank you for your inquiry regarding an Autoresponder dashboard. It's a great idea and one we do not currently have featured for the Autoresponder product. Right now the only way to view the reports is clicking on the stats for the individual e-mail campaigns. This is valuable feedback I will pass along to our product teams.

Regular Visitor
The reports only seem to show the last 50 campaigns. That only takes me back 6 months. I am trying to weed out those who have not opened our email in 1 year. Is there a way to access campaign data from more than 50 campaigns ago? And I echo the other comments about needing a report to make this process easier... Thanks!

Hello @BethanyR46. You're correct with the reporting page only showing the last 50 campaigns. In order to access the reports for those older campaigns, you will have to go to Campaigns and use the page arrows to navigate further back. I will certainly submit feedback for you in regards to having access to a Did Not Open report.

All Star

I agree. CC seems to be way behind other platforms by not offering such basic reporting tools such as the ones noted above and simple A/B testing to allow us to clean out contact lists and make informed decisions.

CTCT Employee

Hello @BethA932,


Sorry for any inconveniences the reporting product may cause you. I can submit your feeback to our developers about the different types of reporting you would like to be able to have. As far as A/B testing, take a look at the FAQ to get some more information about how you can A/B test in you Constant Contact account.