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How to create an un-open report for a time frame

CTCT Employee

UPDATED March 27th, 2019



Customers that are actively engaging in your campaigns are great to have. While we wish that all of our contacts opened our campaigns, the reality is that this probably won’t happen for most users and that’s okay! You can view the Did Not Open report for each campaign you send out, but it’s a good idea to keep tabs on who is not consistently opening your emails. Knowing who did not open your email for the last 3 months or 6 months can help you tweak your marketing campaign or even design a re-engagement campaign.


Before you start creating your list of unopened emails, it is good to understand how we track an email as opened. We track opens in two ways. The first way is an invisible embedded image in each email. When the image is downloaded we can count the email as opened. The second way would be if someone clicks on a link in the email.  


Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how to create a Did Not Open list for a period of time using segmentation.


Now that you have your list, you have a few decisions to make. Maybe you want to attempt to re-engage with these contacts. If you have Email Plus, try a survey or include a poll in an email to send out to this list and collect feedback about what they want to hear from you. If you use promotions or discounts to drive business, create a special offer geared towards these contacts using a trackable coupon. To help keep your list clean, you can also decide to delete or unsubscribe these contacts.



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Can this be topic updated for the new dashboard? Also, being able to track consistant "did not opens" is a way more useful feature than tracking them per email. 


Hello @algalita,


Thank you for your feedback on this article! I will make sure it gets reviewed for any necessary revisions. I will also track your desire to have a cumulative did not open report in your account for our developers to see. 

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Thanks, great post, this will save me a lot of time.

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When I look at the report for a particular campaign, how do I know when those stats for "Did not open" were gathered?  If I look at it 3 days later, will the stats have changed?  Example: Mary Smith opens all of her emails on Fridays.  If I send a campaign on Monday, she will be counted as a "did not open"...then she opens the email on Friday, does she then go off the Did not Open list?

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Hey @Maryknoll,


Great Question!


The "Did Not Open" report updates in real time. If you are viewing that report right before Mary Smith opens that email, then you refresh the screen right after she opens the email, you will see that she is removed from "Did Not Open" and that she is now on the "Opened" report. 


I hope that this answers your question. Thanks!


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I am able to create the 'Did Not Open' list, but the only report I can create says 'Reports - Contact Growth'. I don't see how to drill down any further, and don't see how you would figure out who hasn't been opening. I only see how many new contacts, and I can see how the new contacts were added. What am I doing wrong?

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Hello @NHMA13


It sounds like you may be on the Contacts > Reports page. To find people that have not opened you can either create a new segment as shown here, or simply view the reporting by email from the Reporting tab and use that information to create a list.

If it would be more helpful, we also have a video tutorial on how to create a Did not open report over time linked here. Please let us know if this helps! 

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The steps listed above, to create a Did Not Open list and then delete from it the people who actually did open the emails. do not work.  I cannot find any Remove From List option for a group of selected contacts.  It appears that the CC UI has changed significantly since those instructions were posted.  Note that the instructions were a workaround in response to many requests for CC to provide a consolidated did not open report.  Not only has that report not been provided, the workaround no longer works.  Please provide instructions that work.  Thanks.

CTCT Employee

Hello @Kerstin


I do apologize for any confusion. I hope that these instructions will help clear things up. Click on this link here to see how to find the did not open report and also to see how to add it to a list in your account. Then click on this link here to see how to delete that list. Thank you!