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How to edit Autoresponder Lists


When you create an Autoresponder series you will have to select which lists will get the series of emails but you can always go back and update this list information.


To change your Autoresponder Lists:


  1. Login to your Constant Contact account
  2. Click Contacts > Autoresponder
  3. Look for the series you want to edit and click the Actions drop down menu to the right of the series name.
  4. Choose “Edit name and lists” from the drop down menu.


5. Check any lists you want to include and un-check any you want to remove.

6. Click Save


Note: By changing the lists you may send emails to contacts that already existed on the list.


Any contacts added to the lists moving forward will be included in the sending of this Autoresponder Series.  If you want your contacts to be able to add themselves to lists make sure you list is visible on your sign-up form. 


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