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How to find the unsubscribed contacts from an imported file:

CTCT Employee

This is a question that we get often, so we wanted to give you steps on how to see the unsubscribed contacts that were not added to the list when you uploaded your file.  

Please note: When performing these steps, you will be able to see all contacts not added to a list, this will include contacts that were uploaded without an email address. 


Here are the steps: 


  1. Upload your file of contacts
    a. Go to Add Contacts > Add from file
    b. Select the file to upload & click Continue
    c. Label Columns in your file as needed & click Continue
    d. On the last step select the list you want to add to & add a tag to the contacts. This should be a new tag, you can name it something like “Not Added” as the tag will contain just these contacts when we have completed the steps
  2. Once your file has completed the upload process (You can check under the Activity tab) go to the list of contacts.
  3. Select all of the contacts in the list and then choose Manage Tags
  4. In the new window uncheck the tag you created in Step 1d. Once this process is complete you are finished!

You can now go to the Tag and view the contacts. All contacts listed here were not added to the list because they are either unsubscribed or they do not have email addresses.  If you want to easily sort by the contacts with email addresses (the unsubscribes) you can  sort by the email address column or Export your contacts. 


If your account looks a little different, look at these steps in our Standalone Product Forums.  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.