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How to get a URL for your Campaign

CTCT Employee

UPDATED: July 2018


Want to share your campaign on your website, social profiles, blog, or within a different campaign? You can use your campaign's Short URL! (Please note, in order to get a URL, the campaign needs to have been sent and cannot be in a draft or scheduled status) To access the short-link URL, click on Campaigns. Then, click on the button located to the right side of the sent email campaign called More. Finally, select the Share option and a pop-up will display the short-link URL.





Please note, the URL links to a web version of your email.


That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Have you used the Campaign URL? Where have you shared it? 


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On our account the button says "More" not "Actions" and we do not have a "Short URL" option. Why is this? Is there any way to shorten the URL in this situation?



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Hi @MichelleK683,


Sorry for any confusion! The short URL is still available on the homepage, see guide: Email Campaign URL.


You can also click on the title of a sent email and find the URL listed on the Email Details page: email detail.png







If we are not sending out the link to the survey by email, does this mean we cannot get a short URL?


Hello @MichelleK683,


You sure can! If you visit the dashboard for your survey you will see an option to "Add it to a webpage." This will provide you with a URL you can share outside of Constant Contact.


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I'd like to use a shortened link on LinkedIn but am unable to choose an image to accompany the link. Is this possible?


Hello @AnaR13. You should be able to choose an image when sharing a link on LinkedIn! You would first have to deselect the image that automatically pull by clicking the X in the top right corner as seen in the screenshot below:



From there, you can select the Image button to choose a different image saved on your computer




Hope this helps!

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Thank you.


Currently an image is not populating when I paste the link.


Also, when I click the X I lose the "preview window" that lets readers know it's an actual link.

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Hi @AnaR13. Yes, clicking the X will remove the preview of the link. However, the link will still work and will be clickable. The post will show as below with an attached image. 




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Is there a way to include the link in the email itself? automatically includes a link at the top of the email with "View this email in your browser"


Thanks! -Jen