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How to plan your Autoresponder series

CTCT Employee

What’s excellent about the Autoresponder service is that you can create several Autoresponder series. Then each series can be scheduled to different email lists as well.


Need help organizing and creating your Autoresponder series? These tips can get you started!


  • Who is your audience? Determining your audience is the first step. Are they customers? Prospects? For example, if you’re focusing on prospects you may want to concentrate on how your product will make things easier for them. For customers, you can focus on how they will get the most from your product and services

Follow this worksheet below:



  • With your first Autoresponder email consider what day you want this automated email to go out. Do you want it to send on Day one? Or perhaps Day seven? When a contact first joins your Autoresponder list, you may want to consider sending your messages more frequently since this is when their interest is at its peak.
  • Consider the content for each automated email. Keep these emails focused on one particular topic. It’s best to stick with content that will not change frequently since these emails will automatically send out based on the time frame a contact has been added to your email list. Keep your time specific content in your monthly newsletters.  What do your contacts need to know at this point? Consider the type of information they want to know and what they need to know.
  • Think about including an offer or a call to action. Do you want your contact to buy something? Or maybe just contact you? Offer a free class or ask them to schedule a meeting with you.


For more Autoresponder tips please check out the rest of this guide

Now it’s time for you to get started! Let us know if you have any questions.



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