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How to skip survey questions, creating a seamless flow using Skip Logic.

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What is skip logic?

Skip Logic is ways to have your customers answer only the questions that make sense to them. For example, you offer a variety of products, some related to males, and some related to females. Instead of creating 2 separate surveys and then send them to 2 separate lists, you can create 1 survey with skip logic enabled and send it to just 1 list.


Below are 2 examples of the same survey, one includes Skip Logic, and one does not.


Survey without Skip Logic: In this example the person would answer all the questions. It does not make sense for a male to answer question 2 or a female to answer question 3.


Now, the same survey with Skip Logic enabled on question 1 would look like the following:

So you can see that with skip logic turned on, a male customer would not see the question related to perfumes, and the same would work for females, they would not see the question related to cologne. 


Enabling Skip Logic in your Constant Contact account:

  1.        Click on the Edit Survey Link for the survey you wish to edit.
    Edit Survey.png
  2.        On the left side of the screen when you are in edit mode, there will be a link that says “Add/Edit Skip Logic”, click on that link.
    Add Skip Logic.png
  3.        Using the example above, we would then select the answer “Male” and click on the link “Skip from this answer”
    Skip from this answer.png
  4.        Once you click on that link  you then want to select what question to bring the person to next…”skipping” over the perfume question.
    Skip To this question.png
  5.        Finally, click “Save” and you will see a similar screen to let you know it is now set up. (Please note the warning that once skip logic is applied, you cannot re arrange the order of the questions or delete them unless you turn skip logic off first.)
    Skip Logic Enabled.png



Click here to learn more about Skip Logic.


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