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How to use your own Code for a Campaign

Honored Contributor

Do you have the code for your campaign already?  Maybe you know code and created it yourself, have an in-house designer, or hired someone to set up a campaign for you.  We accept HTML or XHTML code for your campaigns.  If you have a CSS or style sheet, then you will want to use XHTML.  For more hints, tips and guidelines for using your own code, take a look at this FAQ.  


Now let's go over how to add your code into a campaign!  


  1. Click to Create a campaign
  2. Choose Send an Email, then click to Code Your Own Template.
    HTML Email.png
  3. Create an Email Name and click Next. Please note: This is an internal name only, and will be shown under the Campaigns tab of your account.  
  4. Choose the Email Format - HTML or XHTML and click Next. 
  5. Edit the Message Header for the Subject, From Name, From and Reply Email Addresses along with the Permission Reminder and Webpage Version.  Make sure to also edit Personalization if you are using a Greeting and want the first name of your contacts added and the Message Footer if you need to update the Physical Address. 
  6. Click Advanced Editor to add your Code
  7. Paste in your code into the HTML window, Text Version and Style.  Please note: If you want the personalization in the campaign, make sure to put the Greeting tag where you want this to appear in your code. Also, if you are using XHTML you will want to leave the <OpenTracking/> line to track opens within the email; if this is deleted, no opens will be tracked.  
  8. Make sure to click Save & Return. 
  9. You can then click Next until you get through the scheduling steps (selecting a list and time to send your campaign).  If at any time you want to save your progress and schedule at a later time, you can click Save and Exit the Campaign.  

And that is how you would create a campaign using your own code!  If you have any questions on this process, let us know. 



Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.