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Hyperlink your Campaigns for Indefinite Access

CTCT Employee
Hyperlink Your Campaigns for Indefinite Access

A common question that we receive is how to link your emails in such a mannerthat they can be utilized for future use.

We have built this feature so that any email you send automatically generates its own live link.  This easily allows you to access and utilize your email as a webpage and as its own archive.

Heres How You Can Get To Your Link!
Step 1: Click Campaigns in the menu bar at the top of your screen

Step 2: Scroll down to find whichever email you’re looking to link. You will notice to the right of the email name, a chain link will be visible.


Chain Link.jpg


Step 3: The link will already be highlighted, ready to be copied!




Step 4: Be sure it is still highlighted and you can then right click and copy it. (Or Control + C for Mac users)


Right Click.png



Step 5: You can then paste this link wherever need be. It will be live immediately and users will be able to see whichever Campaign you choose to make accessible.


I hope you find this information helpful! Please feel free to reach out if anything is unclear about the steps above.


My name is Ian Wheeler! I've been with Constant Contact for a little over a year now and have had a great experience here! I will be interning with the Social Support Team and look forward to growing and learning with them!