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I Have an Opinion On That!

Honored Contributor

You have a voice and an opinion, we all do. Not all companies want to hear from you though. Even if what you have to say would be helpful to many other users/customers for that business, sometimes it feels like no one hears you. Well, that all changes here at Constant Contact. Not only do we want to hear from you, I’m going to show you how you can share your opinions with us. Have a great feature request that you know would be helpful not only for you but for others who use our tools? Is something not working exactly the way you think it should work? Maybe there is something that is missing from our product suite that you think would bring great value. Please tell us by following the steps below to share!


Toolkit Feedback.pngYou may have seen the Feedback wording in the bottom left corner when you’re working in the product. 






The feedback window will only show the options related to what you are working on. Just simply click on Feedback and you will be given a few choices to choose from to ensure that your feedback is sorted to the correct location for the highest impact.


Toolkit Contacts Feedback.png


We know you’re not always logged into the product when a great idea strikes you! You could be in the car or in line at a store when you have a moment to think and all of a sudden your brain introduces you to this great idea. If you’re ever not within the product and have feedback to share, just log back into the Community and leave your feedback here in our Toolkit Feedback, Ideas, and Suggestions. All the categories that are available to you within product are listed here. But what is even better is once you are in this Idea Exchange is that you can see the features others are requesting. You may see something that has you thinking that it’s a good idea too. If you think it’s a great idea, just click on the Vote arrow to the left of the idea. Toolkit Feedback Vote.png


 You can only vote on each idea once. You can vote on everything in the exchange if you want. Just remember that our Product Owners and Developers are looking at the ideas that have the most votes to truly understand what our users are wanting and to ensure that they deliver upon those requests for you. So make sure to only vote for ideas that you would want to see within the product.



So, that’s how easy it is to share your feedback. Start sharing it with us today to have your voice heard. We truly want to hear it, we built you a special place to connect with other users and us.


If you have a product question, please share it here in our Using Toolkit Product Boards.


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