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I want to resend my campaign. How do I do that?

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You sent out a great campaign and now you want to resend it to new contacts that have recently joined your mailing list. This is a great way to show your new contacts the campaigns that you’re sending so they can get familiar with the formatting you use. This is a pretty easy function so let’s get started. Please note that you can only use the Resend Feature if your email was sent last than 85 days ago originally.

  • First click on Campaigns
  • Then on the options on the left, choose Sent
  • On the right, click on the name of the Sent campaign you wish to resend or click on the Actions dropdown > Resend

    Toolkit Resend Dropdown.png
  • Then on the next page click the Gold Resend button in the top right
    Toolkit Resend Button.png
  • On thenextscreen you are given 2 options:
    • Enter new email addresses
    • New contacts since last email was sent
  • Choose the one you want and click the gold Next button Toolkit Next.png
  • You will either be taken to a screen to enter new contacts (if you chose the first option). When you are finished again click the gold Next button Toolkit Next.png.
  • Next you are taken to a page to choose if you’d like to put this contact(s) on any other list then the one the campaign was originally sent to. Once done, click Next.
  • Then you are asked to Schedule Your Email. You can choose to Send Now or Scheduled for and you can pick a date/time.
  • If you chose the second option, you will be shown how many contacts you are sending to that are newly added to your list and then asked to Schedule Your Email. You can choose to Send Now or Scheduled for and you can pick a date/time.
  • Then the final step is to click the gold Finish button Toolkit Finish.png


And that’s how easy it is to resend your email to new contacts! Log into your account now and send that old (85 days or less since send date) to your new contacts!


Any questions let us know.


If your account looks or sounds different than above, check out our post in the Using Standalone Products Board.



Why is there the 85 day limit?  I only send newsletters once every 3 months, I have someone interested in seeing older newsletters and I cannot send one.  Do I basically have to recreate the newsletter as a new campaign just to send it?

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I have new clients all year long every year.  It would be nice to simply resend this same welcome letter.


Thanks for the suggestion


Hi @DianeL26


Thank you for sharing this feedback on our Welcome Emails! Being able to resend this email is a great feature request we have submitted in your account. In the meantime, I did want to point out the Welcome Email in your account is currently set to inactive. Activating your Welcome Email will help ensure new sign ups receive it.