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Image Folders


Did you know you can create folders in your Library to keep your images organized? Aside from creating folders you can also put folders within folders! For example:


I have a folder for images of Animals. Within that folder I have sub-folders for different types of animals, like dogs, cats, horses, etc. Under my Cat Folder I have a sub-folder for just shorthaired cats. 


I could keep all of my animal photos segmented by type and any other details I wanted. You can have a hierarchy of three folders. This means I could not have folders under “Short Hair” since this is the third folder.


To create new folders:

  1. Login to Constant Contact and click Library.
  2. Next to folders click the + sign to add a folder.

Note: If you would like this to be a sub-folder, choose the first level folder from the drop down menu.


3. Click “OK” to save the folder.



To add an image to a folder:

Existing Images in your account:

  1. Click and Drag
  2. Use the Actions menu to the right of the image to add it to a folder
  3. Check off one or more images and use the “Add to Folder button in the header.

Library Add to Folder.jpg


New Images:

  1. Once image is chosen for upload, click each image or use “Select to Edit option” to select all, add to folder on left.

Library Select to Edit.jpg


Don’t forget, you can upload more than one image at a time so you can add them all to one folder or add them to different folders by selecting only some at once.


Want to learn more about uploading your images?



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I have several photos in my library and would love the option of being able to organize these in a more logical fashion. Thank you!

Hi @MarcellaP50 

Thanks for posting! You can create folders in your Library to organize your images and documents if you would like. From the main library page the folder option is on the left. Use the plus button to create a new folder. 


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