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Inserting Anchor Links

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UPDATE 3/13/17: Anchor links are available within our Second Generation Editor only. If you are using our new Third Generation Editor (3GE), this feature is not available. Based on the latest research, shorter, more targeted emails tend to do better than longer emails (think 20 lines of text and just a couple of images). We recommend using a teaser and linking off to your website/blog to increase clicks and traffic to your properties


So what is an Anchor link anyways? Anchor links are used to send you to another place of your email. The most common use of Anchor Links that I see are the “Back to Top” links. There are 2 main parts to creating an Anchor link, here they are:


  1. First you need to add in the Anchor. This is where you want your audience to go after they click on the link. For an example, let’s say we want to add a Back to Top link into an email. For this we want to add the Anchor to the top of the email or the first block in the email. When adding an Anchor you will need to name the anchor. For our example I would name it top. You will see an Anchor icon inserted into your email, to show you where the anchor is. This will not show when you send the email though, it is just visible to you when editing, so you know where the Anchors are.

  2. The second step is to create the link. For this you will want to type your text into the block. In our example we would go to the end of the campaign and type in Back to Top. Then you want to highlight that text and click Link in the Insert Menu. In the Insert Link window, under Type of link you want to click and choose Anchor. You will then see the text you have selected as the Text to display as link. The last step is to choose the anchor that you want linked. You will see the names of the Anchors in your email to choose from.



Some other uses of Anchor Links are to create your own table of contents within your campaign, if the template you are using does not have one, to write a short teaser of an article and link to the rest at the end of the email, just like the newspaper’s ”continued on A7.”


How do you use Anchor Links?  Have any tips to share?  Feel free to post them below!


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Is it possible to insert a table of contents into one of the templates? I am working on a newsletter and would like to ability to click ahead to the article.

Thank you

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Table of Contents is no longer a supported functionality, as many email clients no longer support Anchor links, which are the links used in a Table of Contents email block. This FAQ will show you just how many email clients no longer support these links, which is why we stopped supporting these links as well. I can track your request for this functionality, and apologize for any inconveniences!

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 Is this feature  only available with the monthly subscribtion of constant contact or am I able to insert anchor links in the free trial? If so, how?

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 Hello @sophiae3,


The Anchor Link functionality is something our new editor does not offer. We had an older editor that used to support these links, but as many email clients are not supporting them anymore, so our new editor does not have that as an option. Here is a list of display issues in different  email clients, which is why we stopped supporting these Anchor links as well. We can track your feedback to our engineers, and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you!

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Wow, just wow. So VERY disappointed. I feel like I've downgraded.