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Inserting a horizontal rule


Have you ever needed to break up a block of content with a dividing line? Yes, most templates offer a divider block but we know that sometimes you just need to insert the line within the same block and here’s the solution.


<HR> (Horizontal rule) is a snippet of code you can insert into the HTML window of your block to create a thin line. In the image below you will see how the basic HR tag will look in a block and in the HTML code.



Special Notes:

  • In HTML, the <hr> tag has no end tag.
  • In XHTML, the <hr> tag must be properly closed, like this: <hr />.
  • HR's are supported by the five most common browsers. (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safai and Opera


Need to customize? Check out one of my favorite resources, W3Schools. (This is not a Constant Contact site!)


Have fun creating!


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