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Let’s Get Social!

CTCT Employee

It’s a Business Best Practice to promote Social profiles within your campaigns and to share your campaign on your social pages.  Let us show you how you can do that:

  1. Add the Social Share Bar to your emails.  This allows your contacts to share on their social networking sites, promoting your message to their networks, expanding the reach of your message.   If you aren’t on Social Networks yet, or are thinking of expanding to more Social Networks, this bar is a great way to find out where your contacts are.  You will see if your contacts are liking/sharing on Facebook or tweeting your newsletter out.  To add the Social Share bar to your emails, you can edit the Header Options block at the top of the email and check off the Social Share Links. 


  2. ss2.pngYou can easily add Social Icons into your email.  Show your contacts that you are on social, and that you want them to connect with you. Here’s how:  when editing the email, on the left side of the screen, click the Social Tab (to the right of Insert/Images).  You will then see the icons that you can add, once you click on one you wish to add you can choose the size of the icon and add a link to your profile page.  Don’t see one of your social sites listed?  You can either upload a new image or use an Image URL to add the icon into your email.  Here are the icons you can add through Constant Contact.

  3. Use Social Share to share your emails to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages
    To use Social Share you will first want to schedule out your email. After that, there will be a button to click for Social Share called "Schedule Posts".  You will then be able to connect your pages to Social Share and set up your emails to share.  (Please note:  The Social Share post only sends to your social page(s) after the email has been sent).   By default the message that posts with the link to your email usually is the Subject Line that you have chosen, you can always edit that message though by clicking into the text box on the post (edits will need to be made to each post individually, edits do not carry over from post to post).  We also recommend adding an image to your post as this has been shown to have better engagement.

Have you found a good combination of Social Networks that work for your business?  Do you have any success stories that you want to share? 


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.