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Log In Changes - Resources for you!

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As there has been some great discussion in the Community on recent changes we have made to the log in page, we wanted to make sure all the information you might need on this is in one location.  There are some really good FAQs in the topic and YES, we are listening and making some additional changes to make logging in as easy as you'd expect it to be.  


We are working to enhance the "Remember Me" functionality to reduce the clicks it takes to log in. As you'll see on the log in page today, we are also making strides to provide additional ways to log in for customers that signed up for their trial through Yahoo Small Business or those who signed up using their Facebook account information.


Please keep the feedback coming and know that we are listening to it.  If you have questions on the changes, these FAQs may help.


Thanks for talking with us about this!


FAQ 5981: Logging in to Constant Contact


FAQ 5979: Error: Sorry, we can't find that account


FAQ 5986: Remember my username and password



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Why is it that remembering log in and password was available and now it is not?

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From the final FAQ listed above:


"At this point in time Constant Contact doesn't have the option to remember your username and password for logging in. However, we've heard your feedback and we're working to get that functionality out to you shortly!"


So we are listening to your request for this and working on it!

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We pulled back some of these changes and will be working to bring back a remember me functionality again soon, please bear with us.

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Thank you for sharing this experience on the forum

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Your FAQ links no longer work.


Thanks for pointing that out, Mary. I update the links above but here they are again for you.


FAQ 5981: Logging in to Constant Contact


FAQ 5979: Error: Sorry, we can't find that account


FAQ 5986: Remember my username and password