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Manage and Organize your Constant Contact Library!

CTCT Employee

Did you know that your Constant Contact image library does a lot more than just store your images? Your Constant Contact library gives you the ability to do the following:


  • Organize your pictures in different folders
  • Easily delete one or more pictures in one easy step.
  • And so much more!

Have you ever thought, “Hmm. I have so many pictures on Constant Contact but I wish I could organize them by month so they would be easier to find…”? Well the Constant Contact library has the ability to use folders to organize your pictures by month, by color, by type, by event, by anything you can think of!




When you go to your Library tab you’ll want to look for this blue plus sign on the left hand column and name your new folder. After you have named it, you’ll be able to start the exciting process of organizing those pictures!




To move a picture into your folder, you’ll want to put a check in the small gray box of the picture you’d like to move, and then choose “Add to Folder” in the black bar at the top. That’s it!




Now that you’ve organized all of the pictures that you’d like to keep, you might be wondering what to do with the pictures you don’t want to keep anymore. Delete them of course! It is so easy to delete a picture that you no longer need. All you have to do is either click the small trash can next to each picture or you can delete multiple at once by checking the small gray box and choosing “Delete” right next to “Add to Folder”!




Easy as that!


*Please keep in mind that any pictures you delete that are used in past emails will no longer be visible once they have been deleted from your Constant Contact library. Only delete images that you are sure no one is going to be referring back to.


Hi everyone. My name is Melissa and I started working at Constant Contact in 2012. I am currently interning with the Community and Social Support team. I am all about going out of my way for customers and I hope that I can pass some of my knowledge about Constant Contact to you. :)