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Tonight (8/23) from 11:00 PM - 12:00AM ET we need to make a few updates to our site. During this time, no emails will be sent and some customers will not be able to access their contacts. We recommend finishing up your work before 11:00 PM and logging in after 12:00 AM ET. Thank you for your patience while we make these updates.

Manage your Bounces

CTCT Employee

So you just sent out your email and now you want to check out your reporting. While taking a look, you happen to notice the number of bounced emails. What do you do with them? You manage them of course!


When trying to manage your bounces there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. There are multiple reasons why an email address might bounce. Constant Contact breaks it down by:


  • Non-Existent - These bounces happen when the contact's Internet Service Provider (ISP) says that an email address doesn't exist. It's like the post office saying there's no one with that name in the building. Double-check these addresses for obvious typos, or get in touch with the contact and see if they have a new email address. If the address continues to bounce over time, remove it from your lists. 
  • Undeliverable - Undeliverable messages are like a busy signal. When we attempted to send the email, the ISP wasn't responding. We'll keep trying to deliver the email for up to 3 days. If there's no response after that, we label it a bounce. The ISP may fix things, but if email keeps bouncing, you may want to remove it from your lists and see if the contact has a different email address to use. 
  • Suspended - Sending email repeatedly to the same non-existent addresses can negatively impact deliverability. To help with this, addresses that consistently bounce as non-existent are placed on an internal hold to prevent us from sending to them again. Constant Contact won't attempt to send any emails to these "suspended" addresses. We recommend that you remove these addresses from your list.
  • Blocked - When an email is blocked, the ISP has decided not to deliver it, likely because it thought the email was spam. That could be because the ISP was concerned about something specific in the email or it rejects email from large senders. If you are still getting blocked bounces from a larger domain (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) please contact us to get it resolved.
  • Mailbox Full - When an Inbox is too full to continue receiving new email messages, the ISP sends back a Mailbox Full message. Usually this happens when mailboxes aren't being checked often enough. You may want to get in touch with the contact and find a better email address and, if this email address keeps bouncing, remove it from your lists. 
  • Vacation/Auto-Reply - Vacation and Auto-replies are the exceptions to the bounce rule. When someone sets up an Auto-reply, a bounce message gets sent to us even though the email is actually delivered. That means you don't have to do anything. The message is just a way to let you know that the contact might not see your email for a while.
  • Other - Sometimes an ISP doesn't use a standard error message when they send back the bounce information - we categorize these bounces as Others. Get in touch with the contact to get a better email address and you should probably remove it from your lists if it keeps bouncing.

The email addresses that we can probably manage and get rid of will consist of non-existent addresses, blocked, and other. Vacation/Auto Reply and Mailbox Full we can keep because these are both temporary problems that will probably resolve themselves over time. You do not want to delete potential good email addresses.


To manage your bounces, first we need to get you to your reporting page


  1. Click Campaigns.

  2. Click the hyper-linked percentage above "Open Rate" for the campaign you want to review.

  3. Click the Bounced report.

  4. Filter the report by bounce type or by "Recommended for removal" to quickly review contacts that repeatedly bounce. Included in the "Recommended for removal" category are contacts that bounced as Non-existent, Undeliverable, and Suspended.
  5. Select email addresses by checking the boxes or select all of them by checking the box in the upper-left corner.
  6. Click Remove Emails.

  7. Read the informational overlay and confirm that you want to permanently remove the addresses by clicking Remove Email Addresses. This will unsubscribe and remove the email addresses from your account.




After you were successful in removing the emails you will see a strike through them. Now you have managed your bounces! For more in depth information on what you can do to become a bounce master, check out this FAQ.


Hi everyone. My name is Melissa and I started working at Constant Contact in 2012. I am currently interning with the Community and Social Support team. I am all about going out of my way for customers and I hope that I can pass some of my knowledge about Constant Contact to you. :)


This may have been answered.  Is there a way to export all bounces from all email campaigns rather than going to each campaign?




Honored Contributor

Hi @ShellyM895 


Thank you for your post. At this time, we do not have this feature. But I would love for you to submit this into our Reports Feedback area!  That way others can vote on it and our developers will see it!


Thanks again!


Hello, Is there a way yet to export all bounces from all email campaigns? 


Thank you!

CTCT Employee

Hello @JayA494,


That's a great request, but that's not currently an option.  Bounces can change somewhat drastically from one campaign to the next, especially if you're sending to people who temporarily disabled their email for a vacation, or if someone was using a server that was going through updates, or simply having connectivity issues.  A 'bounce' is just a report that one specific email didn't go through, and isn't always an indication that the address is just completely wrong.  That's why the reporting for now is still only showing on a campaign by campaign basis.


Is there a way in which I can send to certain contacts whose emails have bounced due to typos in their email addresses? I have edited these email addresses and would like to re-send the email blast to them.


Hi @Ralphm149 great question! Once you have updated these contacts to have the correct address, you can definitely resend your most recent campaign to them. This can be done through our Resend To feature or even our available Quicksend feature.