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Managing Registrants, What can you do?

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What can you do after someone has registered for your event?  There are many things that are available to you, let's go over them! 



Within the above image you can see different areas designated with a number, each of these represents a main function from this page:

  1. You will see tabs here listing the different types of registrants.  All, will show... you guessed it, all.  Registered will show all that have completed the Registration process.  Cancelled will show any registrations that you have cancelled (see number 7).  There might also be a tab here for Abandoned.  This will appear if anyone goes through the registration process but does not complete a payment for an event.  
  2. You can download a CSV file that contains basic info.  This will show you just the information in the table below: Registration Status, Name, Email and Registration Date. 
  3. Clicking on the icon to the right of this number allows you to email the registrant from your personal email address.  This should open up a new window within your email client.  Please note, not all email clients support these types of links (mail to links). 
  4. Clicking this link will lead you to create an email within Constant Contact to send to all registrants at once. 
  5. These quick links that allow you to view the people who declined your event or those who have not responded. 
  6. Clicking this link shows you the information that the registrant filled out from your registration form.  From this page you can edit some details of the registrant and if needed re-send the confirmation email. 
  7. Using this option allows you to update registration  status of any selected registrants.  You will be able to cancel registrations and also move anyone from abandoned to registered if needed.  

What do you use the manage registrants page for?  Share any hints or tips here!




Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.


I'm trying to figure out why I am able to cancel some registrations but not others. I have followed the instructions for cancelations, but on some events, I am unable to click the button next to the registrant's name. The click box is non-functional (see below). The registrant used a promo code that allowed her to register without payment--is that the problem? If so, is there a way to cancel a registration for someone who doesn't have to pay for an event, since tickets are still taken when they register...

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 1.26.58 PM.png

CTCT Employee

Hello @RobinT765,


Thank you for coming into the Community! Looking at your screenshot, it looks like you're currently viewing the list as if you were changing their payment status, which isn't always available if someone isn't being charged.  If you click on the word 'payment' at the bottom, you can change it to 'registration' and then it will let you select the people you need to change.


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Is there a unique registration number tied to each registrant that Constant Contact assigns once someone signs up for an event? 


Hi @USCRaceandEquityCenter


That's a great question! Registrants can definitely receive unique registration numbers. You first would have to enable tickets for printing or viewing on mobile devices under the Optional Features section of your event basics. These registrant tickets are where you can find these unique codes.