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Multi-User Account Security - Now Your Employees Can Have Their Own Login Credentials

CTCT Employee

Have you ever wanted to give your employees their own login credentials so you wouldn’t have to give them yours to do work in Constant Contact? Have you ever worried about your account security or employee misconduct with your account?


Well, wait no longer! We have implemented the perfect solution!


If you haven’t yet heard the great news, Constant Contact has introduced additional account security features. Now Account Owners will have the ability to create up to nine separate usernames for employees to use to access the company’s Constant Contact account, without having to grant access to the master username and password that only Owners now have access to. This allows for enhanced security for your private billing information and user control privileges are reserved exclusively for you. Here are some restrictions denied to users which maintain the security of your account.


You Employee Users:


-          Do not have access to view or update billing information

-          Cannot buy/cancel products or the account

-          Cannot view, add, or manage other users

-          Do not have access to community

-          API access denied


This was the #1 most requested feature from our customers over the years and we are happy to be able to provide it now for you. We want to thank you for your valuable feedback and continued feature requests, because they are truly heard and considered very carefully. We thank you for your commitment to Constant Contact and look forward to continuing to improve our products and services.


For a refresher on how to set up Usernames for your account, please visit this link.



We hope you find this new feature as useful as we feel it is for your account, and if you have any futher questions, feel free to reach out,


Hi, Everyone! I'm Bria, and I am the Social Media and Community Intern here at Constant Contact. I assist the other moderators at the @ctcthelp Twitter handle and answer your questions here in the Community boards. FUN FACT: I bought a One-Way ticket from where I had been living in Seattle, WA to Boston, MA two weeks before training started at Constant Contact in January 2013! It was quite a change but I am delighted each day that I did it. When I am not here helping you all, I am going to live music, dancing salsa, writing, studying Spanish and reconnecting with friends and family back home here in Massachusetts.


When will the feature be enhanced to allow for specific user entitlements?  Example, a user is restricted to a specific list.  Thanks

Honored Contributor

Hi Brian,


No date just yet. We're just beginning to roll this out. Hang in there, we will have this feature I am told.

Hs any progress been made on this yet? Any idea when it will be available? I know it is already an option avaialbe from other email marketing providers.

Honored Contributor



Thank you for your question. At this time we do not have any new information.


Thanks for posting in the Feedback board for this topic. We'll update that area with more information as it becomes available.