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Multi-User + Security Question Set-Up

CTCT Employee

Constant Contact has announced a much-anticipated and requested feature: Multi-User Account Access. This was one of the most requested features over the years. So, if you have not set up individual usernames and passwords for your employees, we’ll go over how to do that here and demonstrate how to set up individual security questions for each user of your account.


Let’s get started!


  1. First start by going to My Account and when you get there, look up to the yellow strip at the top of the screen and you’ll see three sections to click into: Summary, Billing, and Account Users. Click “Account Users.”


My Account Account Users First Screen.png


2.   From there you will be brought to this screen that will show you all of the Users for your account including yourself. Here you can deactivate and edit their credentials including passwords and profile information. Here you may add a new user as well. Fill out their profile and hit submit. Note: You may have a total of ten users on the account, including yourself.



User Priviledges.png


3.   Now have the user try to log in. They will be prompted to set up a Security Question. Have them select this and hit Submit.  


Select a security question first login.png

Now your employees will be able to access your Constant Contact account but will not be able to see any billing-related information nor be able to see/modify any other user logins. Users of the account cannot add or remove products nor cancel the account but they will be able to start a free trial for one of our other products.


And that’s it!





Hope you all are as delighted about this as we are!


And as always, feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!


Hi, Everyone! I'm Bria, and I am the Social Media and Community Intern here at Constant Contact. I assist the other moderators at the @ctcthelp Twitter handle and answer your questions here in the Community boards. FUN FACT: I bought a One-Way ticket from where I had been living in Seattle, WA to Boston, MA two weeks before training started at Constant Contact in January 2013! It was quite a change but I am delighted each day that I did it. When I am not here helping you all, I am going to live music, dancing salsa, writing, studying Spanish and reconnecting with friends and family back home here in Massachusetts.