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Multi-User is Here At Last!

CTCT Employee

You’ve asked for it. Clamored for it. Even begged. But now, it’s really here. Multi-User access is now being rolled out across Constant Contact. Many of you won’t have it yet, but you will soon. In fact, in the next few weeks, it should be available to everyone!


What is Multi-User?


So what does this mean? This means that if you have several people who manage Constant Contact, each one can have their own login. In fact, you and up to nine of your colleagues can have access to one Constant Contact account.


How does it work?


Your account still has one main contact person, the account “owner”, but up to nine sub-accounts, or “users”. The users will have full access to the contacts and to the product areas (Email Marketing, EventSpot, Social Campaigns, Survey and SaveLocal), as well as the library. Users can also start trials for new products. However, users will not have access to billing information, cannot purchase products, cannot update the business profile, and cannot log into the Community. Those features are specifically available only to the owner.


Currently, owner and user are the only two user levels available. However, once we get past this initial rollout, we will look into expanding the types of roles that can be used.


How do I know if I have it?


It’s really simple to see if you have Multi-User available to you. Just log into your account and go to My Account. In the upper right, you should see two or three options. If one of the options is “Account Users”, you have Multi-User. Congratulations! If you don’t see “Account Users” there, don’t worry. Just check back in a week or two and you will probably have it by then. Again, our plan is to have it up and running in the next few weeks for every Constant Contact account.


Got it:



Don't got it (yet):



If you’ve got it, have a look around and see what you like, and what you have questions about. We love feedback, so any thoughts you have about how we can make it even better are greatly appreciated. You can post them below or you can create a new post in our shiny, new Roles and Account Details board!


Hi, I'm Jeffrey! I work in Support at Constant Contact, answering your support calls. I'll come in here from time to time to help out with any trouble you may be having.


When will access control be added?  We need to be able to limit access to certain lists to specific groups or individuals as well as limit read / write access.


Hi NWCouncil,

Thanks for posting. We're working on more permissions for the future but I don't have an exact timeframe currently. It sounds like you are looking to control access to your contact list and your emails, is that right? How do you see this being used--do you have something like an intern that would write for you but that you wouldn't want touching your contacts?


We love to hear about different uses!



Frequent Visitor

With the multi-user function, can two people under two different logins be working on something at the same time (not the same 'something' but two different projects)?

I'm the person who uses our account most often for my company, but we do allow others access for when they want to send a blast out. I've had the sad occurance of working on our newsletter when another person logs in under our one account/user name. My email refused to save and the whole thing was lost. She was working on her own email so she had not tried to make any changes to the email I was working on. This has happened on more than one occasion. 

For how we use it, this "two at the same time" functionality would be pretty swell mostly because I'm never warned before someone else pops in. As far as being able to limit aspects of each user other than managing billing/company profile info, it would be cool to limit access to specific email lists. 


CTCT Employee

Hey there Erin , 



There is no known issue with multiple users working in the account at the same time. We would advise communication betwee the two ESPECIALLY if both users are in the same email or list at the same time. This WILL bump one out and changes will not be saved, but as for other issue you may be experiencing, if you could submit that feedback or call us if it happens again, we'd like to hear it. But at this point, there shouldn't be an issue with two in the account at one time working on different projects. 



There are many circumstances where we would not our users to have access to our contacts. For example we would not want to be in the position where someone that works for us is able to download our contact information and perhaps at some point in time use them for another project they are working on outside of our office. Many publicists use interns or they freelance for many different companies which would then give them a opportunity to expand their own contact lists at the expense of the constant contact using company.
Honored Contributor

Hello starboxing!


We hear exactly what you're saying and that is a feature that will be brought to you in the future. We're in the early stages of MultiUser but in the end you will definitely be able to allow certain people only certain access to what you want them to see and for those very reasons you stated.


So hang in there for us!

Good evening:

It would be great to allow the users to create emails and send emails, update email lists only...but NOT have the ability to:

  • View contacts
  • Download contacts

If the employee/intern schedule's an email, they can only see the group name and select the name...not the contacts.


This is much needed, especially for PR/ Marketing agencies...where contacts are very important to the agency.


Thank you!


Thanks for sharing this feedback! We're working on adding more permissions to multiuser so please keep your ideas coming!




Also, as I consider utilizing multi-user and the newsletter archive option, is it (or will it be) possible for each individual user to have a unique archive homepage for the email newsletters s/he has authored/sent?  

Or if not a separate archive homepage, perhaps a common archive homepage that would have multiple archive lists -- one for each user. This would be very valuable for us.

Thank you,



Honored Contributor

Hi Dale,


That is not something that is on the roadmap at this time. 


I am happy to pass along your feedback.


Thank you!