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New Social Share option

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If you are someone who always shares your campaign on Social Media, you may have noticed that we introduced Social Share. Social Share replaces SimpleShare. We are continuing to roll this out to all of our customers so you may not see it just yet, but it is coming. Don’t let this overwhelm you. This new feature is amazing! This lets you schedule out multiple posts to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts all at once. So in 10 minutes you can have a week’s plus of posts to share automatically for you. You never need to log back into your account and reshare your campaign. Read on and I’ll show you just how easy this feature is and how much time it will save you in the long run!


  • First you want to click on the name of your sent email and scroll down to Schedule Posts


  • If not done already, you will want to click on Add Channel and choose your Social Media Accounts you wish to share on


  • Once you've added your Social Media accounts, you want to click on Create schedule for me


  • This will pull up a few boxes on the left with dates/times to share
  • On the right under Add Channel, click the toggle box of the social account you want to share on. This will turn it from gray to green.

    Social Share Toggle.png

  • You can edit the text by writing in the box

    Edit Social Share Text.png

  • For the image block on the right you can scroll left and right to go through images in your email

    Social Share Scroll Images.png

  • Or you can click on the 2 image icon on top left to choose a new one.

    Social Share Image Library.png

  • You can hit the X to remove the image option

    Social Share X out.png

  • You can click New Suggestion if you want us to give another text option

    Social Share New Suggestion.png

  • Remove post if you don't want to share this one

    social share remove post.png

  • The first drop down says Publish now, you can edit that by clicking on it.

    Social Share Publish Now.png

  • Go through all the boxes we give you to edit or remove
  • When complete, click Schedule Posts

    social share schedule posts.png


And that's it! That is how you can share your emails on your Social Media accounts complete with image and text that you can write or let us choose for you.


Get into your account and start sharing your Campaigns on Social Media! You won’t regret it! Let us help you grow your Social Reach!


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Trying to use the Social Share program. When I click on the "Add a Social Channel" button, there is no drop-down list. I've tried with both Explorer and Firefox.
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Hi @AmeeKS


I just went into your account and I'm showing that you have 2 Facebook pages connected for Social Share. Are you still having difficulty?


You should be able to click on Schedule Posts under Social Sharing. Then under Add Channel, you can click the Social Network you want to connect. Then follow the prompts.


add channel.png


Let me know if you're still having difficulty or have any other questions!


every time I try to link my Constant Contact to Facebook I get error message: Request Entity Too Large  The requested resource /tps/s/newtoken/facebook does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.


Hi @LoriW72

Sorry to hear this. Are you getting this message as soon as you load the reporting page for a sent email or at another point?


I get the message when I click on the Facebook icon under "Add Channel" after I schedule an e-mail.