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New Suspend Category

Honored Contributor

While managing your bounces within your account, you may have noticed a new bounce “Suspended”. This may seem confusing to you especially if you have contacts that are within this category. But don’t worry because this post will explain everything to you! Please note that there is no new functionality to this. We just created a label so that you would know that a contact is now in our temporary hold for 15 days. We do this so that you are not continuing to send to a contact that isn’t receiving your emails to begin with.


Suspended Bounce.png


When a contact bounces for the first time, it will show as non-existent, then the next time, if during that 15 day hold period, it will display as Suspend. If this is the first time that you are sending to a contact and they are showing up as Suspended that is completely normal as well. This Suspend category is used throughout our entire customer base. What that means is that your contact may be on someone else’s mailing list and they sent to them and they bounced. Now they will display as Suspend on any list that they are on should someone send a mailing to them through their Constant Contact account.


Please note that after the 15 day temporary hold, the email address is put back as an active contact. Any customer of ours who has them on their list can now attempt to email them. If they bounce again, they will be placed on hold for an indefinite amount of time and show in all accounts that have them as Suspended. When this happens, we definitely recommend removing them. If you know that they are a valid contact, you can send them our IP addresses to whitelist them in their system as it is possible that they are being sent emails on an IP address that they don’t recognize. Check out the post that I wrote on what to do if your contacts are being blocked in our Reports board.


And that’s what is new with our Suspend bounce category. Get logged into your account and check your bounces now to see if anyone is Suspended. And if you have any questions, let us know!


Occasional Contributor

From reading your post I got the impression that contacts were already being suspended by Constant Contact and that you are just using this category to make users aware of this suspension. Am I correct in thinking this?

A couple more questions:

  • I am seeing the benefit for CC, but what is the benefit for users?
  • And you mentioned that if a contact is on someone else's mailing list and gets bounced, the contact will be suspended on our list. Does this mean if one user fixes an incorrect address, than the other users will be made aware of this correction?
  • If we correct an address is it removed from the suspend list or how do we get it removed from the suspend list?
  • After the 15 day suspension what category will the contact fall under? 

Thats all the question I can think of for now :-)



CTCT Employee

Hello @JaimeS1 


Thank you for posting! We see this category as a benefit to our customers because repeatedly sending to the same non-existent email addresses can have a negative impact on your deliverability. That’s why we have protections in place to prevent us from continuously sending campaigns to email addresses that bounce. Sometimes an email server could possibly be down or having a problem, this is where they would initially be placed under the non-existent category. 


When you see a contact initially bounce as non-existent, they are then placed into a 15 day temporary hold. If you attempt to send again within this time-frame, you will then see this contact come back as Suspended. After 15 days of the initial hold, we lift the hold and you can attempt to send to that address again. If it was just a temporary issue, you will not see that email address under Suspended. If it does bounce after this hold, it will continue to appear as suspended and be placed on an indefinite hold. So looking at your Bounced reporting is key. 


If you have an incorrect address and fix the address with the appropriate spelling, this is considered a different address than what you were trying to send to. So the suspend would not affect the fixed address. So no worries there! 


I hope this clears things up. Let us know if you have any additional questions.