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New Unsubscribe Feature!

Honored Contributor

One of the top pain points we’ve heard in the past is that when someone unsubscribes they don’t want to enter their email address. Some of those came from customers who were being notified from their contacts that when they would forward the email to their friends, that friend would unsubscribe them. We recommend the Forward to a Friend feature to combat that when forwarding the emails. But now we’ve introduced the feature that will automatically insert your email address into the unsubscribe box. Read on to see what the steps now look like when you unsubscribe from an email that was sent through Constant Contact.


When you receive an email, you can scroll to the footer and click either of the SafeUnsubcribe options.




By clicking on either of those, the following window will open in your browser


Confirm Unsubscribe.png


Confirm that your email address is correct and then click Yes, unsubscribe.


And that’s it! Unsubscribe in 2 steps!


If you have any questions let us know!