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NutshellMail Connection to Facebook Pages Lost

Honored Contributor

This morning Facebook had a problem where it lost connection to Facebook pages (personal, fan and business) to multiple developer integrations. Unfortunately, NutshellMail was also affected by this.  If you were affected by this, here are the steps to take to re-connect Facebook.


Step 1: Login to with your email address and password

Step 2: Remove your Facebook Profile and Page(s) under “Message Accounts” by clicking “Remove”

Step 3: Re-connect your Facebook Profile and Page (s) by clicking “Facebook” under “Add Accounts” (Note: you may need to enter your Facebook credentials, if prompted.)

Step 4: Click “Update” on the right side of the page to have a new NutshellMail update emailed to you


If you continue to have trouble, please email for assistance.