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Featured Webinars


Tuesday, September 13


Promotions Planning and Design  11am

Walk away with the knowledge of how to plan, design, and measure the success of your promotional communications.


Promoting Your Event with Social Media  4pm

The engagement of your attendees before, during, and after your event via social media tools gives you relationships and feedback to plan for successful events in the future!


Wednesday, September 14


Newsletter Makeover 11am

An effective newsletter builds relationships, retention and loyalty. Is yours doing that?


Creating Marketing Emails  4pm

Quickly learn guidelines and tips on email design, writing effective copy, and creating effective calls-to-action for the right audience. Once you learn about what to do, watch these best practices put to work.

Thursday, September 15


The Power of Social Media,SEO, and Email  4pm

Learn about the basics of what tools make up Social Media (Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, digg, flickr,, YouTube, etc) and how small business and non profits are using them to make connections and grow their networks.


Recurring Webinars

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