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One-Time Plus Campaigns

Honored Contributor

You signed up for our Email Package because you were only at first sending out Email Campaigns. But now you want to host an Event & send out more than just an announcement. You want to handle all of your Event Promotion & Registration from right within your Constant Contact account. Or maybe you want to run an Offer or Promotion.   Constant Contact has these tools for you right within your account; we just have to activate them.


Here are some things you should know before getting started going beyond the Email Campaign:


  • One-Time Plus Campaigns are a la carte; each Plus Campaign will cost you $50 for the duration of the Campaign and will appear in your billing as such
  • If you have a Prepayment on your account, we will deduct the One-Time Plus Campaign cost from it. This will cause your Prepayment to run out sooner.
  • You will be prompted to pay for your One-Time Campaign after you have gone through the creation flow and are ready to publish
  • Depending on the Campaign you add, reporting may vary. For example, Event reporting is only available for 185 days from Publish date.
  • Plus Campaigns are notated by Green Asterisks

Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s find out what a One-Time Plus Campaign can do for you!


With Plus Campaigns, you will get the option to create an Event and have a Landing Page. You can set up a Donation to raise money for your business or nonprofit!  You can survey or poll your contacts about your recent campaign or about a promotion you had.  Ever thought about having a trackable coupon that just went out to your contact list?  This is the place to get this done and so much more!


To find out more about Plus Campaigns, check out “What is a Plus Campaign Anyways?”.


*Note: If you find that you are running multiple plus campaigns, you may want to upgrade to our Email Plus Package. You will have unlimited access to Plus Campaigns under this package.