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Picking a Template


Updated January 2019


Picking a template can be overwhelming! We’ve helped breakdown the process by showing you the most popular templates first and allowing you to preview the full template before you start working with it. If you click to preview a template you will be able to use the arrow in the top left corner to go back to the full list of templates.  




Remember, you can edit the colors and text and add new blocks in to make the template longer. You cannot change the basic layout of the template so pick a layout that works best for you.


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you would think a thanksgiving card would be at the top of the templates today!
Honored Contributor
Just do a search for thanksgiving they have a few.
CTCT Employee

Hello @KimB937 , 


Thanks for posting!  It would be a great idea to have relevant templates at the top, especially for holidays.  Would you mind posting this as an idea in our feedback area?  Here's a link, just click New Idea in the blue button.  





OMG - I love Toolkit but give me back my Template PREVIEWS! Do you have any idea how long it takes to look at a template now? Select> wait to load >determine it is not what you want > exit > home page > Send an email > Create > chose Branded Templates > SP templates > look at the thumbnail of templates and Select one again > REPEAT UGH! Put us out of our misery!! Help by bringing back the preview option!!
CTCT Employee

Hello @EllenM52 , 


When you are looking at email templates there should be a Preview button below each template:  



If you are previewing a template, the view will change, showing templates in a scroll window down the left and a large preview to the right.  You can exit out of this view by clicking Back to Previous View on the top right.  




Do you not see these buttons within your account?