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Polls: Why & How

Honored Contributor

You’ve seen polls all throughout your life, but how can you use them for your business and why would you?


Polls are a great way to get a quick response from your customers, clients, etc. They also help to generate engagement when used in your emails or on social media. These are especially effective if you need an answer and fast. With Plus Campaigns, you can also track poll responses with a landing page, email and end-to-end reporting. So let’s get started on how to create a poll!


Create a Poll 

  • Click Campaigns on the left and then click the “Create” button on the right.
  • Choose “Feedback & Surveys” > then click “Poll” and “Create”
  • Now fill out the following areas:
  1. Poll Name: Fill out the Internal Name for your Poll to be displayed in your account
  2. Question Text: Enter your Question here
  3. Answer Text: Put your answers here. You can choose up to 5 answers to select from
  4. Customize the Fonts & Colors Here
  5. Preview and Test: This area updates as you make changes

Finally you can click “Save & Finish”, “Save”, or “Cancel” Here

Create a Poll.PNG


*You can have up to 10 polls at once in your account. Need more? Delete one to make room for a new one.


What Happens Next?


Now it’s time to Publish! (Please note that if you do not have Essentials or Ultimate, there is a one-time $50 charge for this a la carte Plus Campaign)


Once you hit Publish on the next page under “Poll Status”, you will see the following options:    


  1. HTML that you can add to your website
  2. A URL to share on your website or in emails
  3. Our Simple Share to share on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Poll Results


Once your poll starts to generate responses, you can view them in your account under “Poll Results”.


Just click Poll Results and we’ll show you a chart that looks like this:


Poll Results.PNG


This graph shows you the following information:


  • Your Question
  • Your Answer selections
  • Number of Responses
  • Response Ratio

Get started today and make a poll to share with your contact base to get the results you’re looking for!


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