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Q&A: Can an Image be in more than one folder?


Folders are a great way to organize your images and documents in your Library. This helps you keep track of a specific type of file or even files for a specific email!


Although you can create unlimited folders you can only have each file in one folder. Once you have created a folder there are a number of ways to add or move an image between folders.


On the left of the main Library page you will see a list of your folders.  You can click into each folder here to see which files is already part of the folder or you can click into any file and see what folder they are part of on the right.


Here is an example of a folder view.Library.png


If I wanted to move this image from the “fruit” folder to the “team” folder I can do by clicking the folder icon on the right or checking off the image and using the “Add to Folder” button in the header.


How do you use folders to keep your images and documents organized?


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