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San Francisco: The City That Knows How

Honored Contributor

Meet Elyse Tager - Regional Development Director

ElyseTager_060109_125x152.jpgElyse Tager is the Regional Development Director for the San Francisco Silicon Valley Region.  She is a veteran entrepreneur and business professional who is passionate about bringing out the marketer in every small business owner ? whether they are just getting started or looking to improve their approach.  Having run her own small business for more than a decade, Elyse truly understands what it means to be short on time and starved for resources.  Her seminars provide a wealth of practical marketing techniques, tools and strategies to help small business owners become successful marketers and grow their business through email and social media marketing.


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Power of Email Marketing

Thursday, August 4th  8:30am  Santa Rosa, CA

Social Media Made Simple

Thursday, August 4th  10:15am  Santa Rosa, CA