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Schedule a Birthday or Anniversary email



Once you've created a birthday or anniversary email to send to your contacts you will want to decide if you send this special email on the contacts birthday/anniversary or up to two week prior.


Before we start, let’s recap how to include birthday or anniversary information in your contact details. When you upload a list of contacts you can include this field in the file or if you just need to update a contact or two you can do so by manually adding this information into the field.

Need more information on this? Check out this FAQ!


Now, back to where we left off. I’ve created a birthday email to send to my customers offering them a special 10% off coupon for use within the customer’s birthday month. To give them a chance to use this coupon I don’t want to send it on their birthday but instead would like to send it 12 days prior. From the schedule screen I will choose to send this deal to “All Contacts” and choose “Before Birthday”.


Once I click Activate the email will begin sending to the contacts who meet these criteria.


Let me know if you have any questions!


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Glad to see this finally added.


When collecting this information from a sign up form what are the acceptable formats for birthday ?


Currently when I add birthday as a field its just a blank box.  If someone puts in April 17 or 4-17 or 4/17 will they all work with this new system?




Good question!


On the live sign-up form the field actually has a 5 character limit and looks like this:



You would only be able to insert MM/DD. If you enter in any other format an error saying "Please enter birthday in MM/DD format." will appear.