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Scheduling Social Posts for your Facebook Fan Promotion

Honored Contributor

Have you seen the new Calendar View to schedule your social posts?  It is a simple and easy way to see your posts spread throughout your campaign, to make sure that you have posts scheduled when you need them.  Let's take a look at how you would see the Calendar View.  When creating your Facebook Fan Promotion Campaign, under Step 5. Social Posts, you will see the List view by default.  At the top of the list of your social posts, click the down arrow next to View: List, then select Calendar:  




Once you are on the Calendar view your posts will be minimized, showing the scheduled posts with a green check mark(see #1).  If there is a day without a post you will see a plus sign (see #2) so that you can add your posts.  




If you want to view any post you can click on the Scheduled text to display the post to edit or delete.  If you add a post, a default post will be populated; however you can always modify this.  Take a look at the image below where I added a post for the 4th, note the details that appear to the right of the calendar with the edit and delete icons:




What do you think of this new view?  Do you prefer the list or the Calendar view?  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.