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Sending a Donation Campaign

Honored Contributor

Now that you have your donation campaign set up, here’s how you can set it up to send to your contacts. 


If you are starting out by creating your donation campaign, after filling in the information about the donation you can click Continue to edit the email.  If you have already created the donation page and want to schedule the email, after going to the Campaign Information page, you will see a blue Schedule Email button.


In the email sent to your contacts you have the ability to edit the Subject Line, From Name, From Email address and the Email body/content.  The email will include the image you selected for your Donation Page and a “Donate” Button automatically.    You can then schedule your email in the blue box on the right side.  Here you can choose to Send Now or Send Later.  To send the email out you will want to click the orange Schedule & Finish button. 



Here is an example of what your email will look like:




Now that you have sent the email to your contacts, don’t forget to use Simple Share to share the Campaign with your audience on Social Media. 



Have you used our Donation Campaign yet?  Any suggestions to some of our newer users? 


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.