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Setting up Account Defaults

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What are Default Settings? 

The default settings in your account are Organization Information, Organization Address, Signature Information, Email Message Settings, and Footer Options. 


Why do you need them?

These settings can pre-populate into your campaigns and help make things easier when editing.  For example, in a subject line we add Company Name for some Campaign, Signature information is added to all campaigns with a signature block, and other campaigns fill in this information as well.  You can always edit the block or section of your campaign to put different information, if needed. 


How can you edit them?

All settings are editable from the My Settings page, to get there click My Account in the top right of your window, then select My Settings. 


default settings 1.png


Now, let’s break it down by section:


  • Organization Information – Click the link to Edit Organization Info.  You can then update the Organization (or Company) Name, website address, Phone # and Logo.  Tip: Adding your Company Logo is a key part here, it will add your logo to the logo block of all of your campaigns for you! You can add the image from a URL or from your library. 
  • Organization Address – Click Edit Address.  You can then update your address information (City, State, etc.).  If you move or change your address updating here will take effect for all new campaigns created.  If you copy from a previous campaign, the previous address will still be in the footer, so make sure to edit that before sending. 
  • Signature Information – Click to Edit Signature Info.  You can then edit the Name, email and image, if needed. 
  • Email Message Settings – Click Edit.  This will pre-populate the From Name in your Campaigns for you.  It is a business best practice to add your Company/Organization Name as the From Name as that is generally the most recognizable entity to your contacts.
  • Footer Options – Click Edit Footer Info.  In the footer there a just a few things you can change here, if you want to remove the Update Profile/Email Address link, and if you would like a comments box on your unsubscribe page. 

Are there other settings?

Yes, there are some other settings listed on the My Settings page.  You can check the Other Category for settings like Authentication and Language.  Also if you navigate to Email Features (below the blue bar towards the top middle of the page) you can edit some sections of the Forward to a Friend Form, set up a default PayPal address and Amazon credentials. 


Please Note: This page has been edited to show just the sections that are considered your “Default Settings.” Your My Settings page will have more sections.


default settings 2.png


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